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Posted by on Mar 23, 2016 in Clic-clac, What's news?

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Demain, je pars pour plus de 2 semaines au pays des toilettes 5***** (LE JAPON, OUIIIII !). Je vais me déconnecter de tous les réseaux sociaux (même Instagram) et profiter un max du moment présent.

Alors, sayonara et à très vite !


  1. Akaky
    23 mars 2016

    I’m sorry, but I am missing the significance of cats and pay toilets. Cats really do not need to use pay toilets; being cats, they will simply relieve themselves whenever and wherever they choose to do so; and even if you could find a cat sufficiently civil-minded to want to use a pay toilet, where would they put the coins? Cats, as I am sure you already know, do not come with pockets in their fur, nor do they have opposable thumbs with which to insert the coins into the coin slot in the door. And then there is the question of heights; most domestic cats are not tall enough to insert the coins into the door and the presence of any cat actually tall enough to insert the coins would almost surely result in frantic calls to the police. I suppose that an outraged cat could sue the pay toilet operators for not having a cat-friendly coin slot using the Civil Rights Act of 1965 and the Americans with Disabilities Act as the basis of the legal action, but I don’t think that will work for French cats. I fear that Froufrou is on her own until the French legislature, which has a name but I am too lazy to find out what it is right now, passes the necessary legislation requiring French pay toilet operators to respect the civil rights of all French pay toilet users, including cats.

  2. audrey bardou
    23 mars 2016

    HAHAHAHAH Akaky !!! Don’t change ;-))

    Big bises !